From humble beginnings, Stewkley Stone has matured from being a brand – to a national icon that sets the standard for stone work and craftsmanship.

Creating the finest luxury stone interiors the country has ever seen, every unique interior is the end result of an unshakable and unrivalled approach to design, craftsmanship and engineering marvel.

Never settling for second best – this spirit of quality and distinction has forced Stewkley Stone to it’s finest position in the stone industry today.

Crafting luxury stone interiors with glistening appeal and the ability to awe and inspire begins on the virtual drawing board.

From computer-aided design right through to manufacture, our carefully crafted line drawings become reality thanks to our advanced technology and specialist engineering.

Not forgetting a great deal of assistance from our master stonemasons – using a steady hand and their doggedly determined eye for detail.

And it’s our advanced technology and specialist engineering that is absolutely critical in the design and installation of luxury stone interiors.

Over the years Stewkley Stone have developed unique templating and manufacturing processes that permits us to fabricate luxury stone for your home interior – executed with impermeable pinpoint accuracy and flawless military precision.

Our specialist engineers have utilised our avant-garde machinery and equipment for many different projects and custom interiors.



The Egil from GMM is a medium-sized 5-axis CNC bridge saw renowned for it’s high-accuracy applications and intricate interior work.

It can be utilised for single, multiple, orthogonal, oblique, and inclined cuts using the rotating head and interpolation of the axes – providing our valued clients with an array of different cutting combinations to bring the most sophisticated stone interior projects to life.

The machine has a cast iron bridge that provides incredible strength and accuracy over an extended period of time – and the Tool Point controls the blade rotation and tilt movement, in order to uphold the precise contact point of the diamond segment on the stone, adjusting in real time the position on the other axes to ensure cutting efficiency and accuracy.


Breton NC250 CNC

The Breton NC 250 is a modern work centre specifically designed to work stone and always guarantees maximum cutting precision for a variety of stone materials.

The machine was produced as a result of the experience and proficiency of Breton’s diligent engineers, and of over fifteen years of methodical development in contemporary stonemasonry.

The Breton NC 250 is compact, well-built, and both ergonomically and aesthetically beautiful. Great care has been given to every particular. Nothing has been left to chance. It’s engineered to work stone in the fastest, most precise and efficient manner provided by today’s technology.

The support frame is a solid chunk of cold, fused, normalized steel, which assures the required rigidity to consistently attain the desired accuracy, even when challenged with heavy grinding stress and the most complicated stone interior projects.


Every stone interior is unique to the client and an individual work of art – encompassing the magnificence of natural stone with the engineering marvel of our renowned stonemasons – giving you a truly spectacular interior that is designed exclusively for you.

If you require our specialist services, including the design, manufacture and installation of luxury stone interiors for both residential and commercial projects, then we are your first choice for quality local workmanship.

If you have a question or would like to discuss your requirements then please call Stewkley Stone today on +44 (0) 1525 240 711 or complete our contact form here.

Our Heritage

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