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Our unique designs are renowned for their quality and distinction and have earned us a longstanding reputation for exquisite stonemasonry

















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of Luxury Stone Interiors

Stewkley Stone’s story is one of innovation, determination and our relentless desire to create the finest luxury stone interiors in the world.

We are one of the UK’s leading stonemasons in the design, manufacture and installation of luxury stone interiors for both residential and commercial projects, and are also one of the very few remaining British manufacturers of stone fireplaces (most are now imported from China and India).

Our unique designs are renowned for their quality and distinction and have earned us a longstanding reputation for exquisite stonemasonry.

Stewkley Stone is a family-run business working out of our dedicated workshop in Stewkley, Bedfordshire and our team has over 20 years experience in the industry – proudly providing three generations of service to different industries requiring quality stonework.

The Stewkley Story

From humble beginnings, Stewkley Stone has matured from being a brand – to a national icon that sets the standard for stone work and craftsmanship.

Creating the finest luxury stone interiors the country has ever seen, every unique interior is the end result of an unshakable and unrivalled approach to design, craftsmanship and engineering marvel.

Never settling for second best – this spirit of quality and distinction has forced Stewkley Stone to it’s finest position in the stone industry today.

Crafting luxury stone interiors with glistening appeal and the ability to awe and inspire begins on the virtual drawing board.

From computer-aided design right through to manufacture, our carefully crafted line drawings become reality thanks to our advanced technology and specialist engineering.

At Stewkley Stone we pride ourselves on intricate, multifaceted projects using our exclusive templating and manufacturing processes – whilst utilising the skills and mastery that can perhaps only come from a second-generation stonemason.

We’re able to produce unique details that other fabricators simply cannot achieve, executed with impermeable pinpoint accuracy and flawless military precision.

We work intimately with our clients to develop unique solutions that maximises the beauty and elegance of natural stone while maintaining practicality for everyday use – and enjoy collaborating with individuals who share our passion for excellent design and expect the highest quality service.

Every stone interior is unique to the client and an individual work of art – encompassing the magnificence of natural stone with the engineering marvel of our renowned stonemasons – giving you a truly spectacular living space that proudly bears it’s British heritage.

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