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Stewkley Stone Wins Gold at Design Awards 2010

Stewkley Stone was awarded the gold standard for innovation for their unique waste system that brings all of the practical benefits of a plastic shower tray to a marble or stone surface. The waste insert slots into the square hole in the tray and then a piece of marble to match sits on top of this. Stewkley produces these shower trays any size and can fabricate all the wall claddings to match. The shower tray itself sits into a unique tanking tray system which prevents any risk of... read more

How To Care For Granite Worktops

For homeowners who are looking to increase the value of their homes and are considering upgrading their countertops to granite, it is worth noting that whilst the rigidity of the stone is suitable for food preparation, extremely durable, and easy to maintain, granite worktops are not impervious to damage. Steve Reeves, Director of Stewkley Stone, has worked with granite for over 20 years and advocates that granite worktops that are properly installed should last a lifetime. The necessary care of your granite worktop guarantees the longevity and grandeur expected from this superior product. With the regular care required, including the use of special sealers to prevent staining, a polished finish is easy to maintain. Never use the granite as a cutting surface and avoid allowing acidic food items such as soft drinks, lemon juice, and vinegar to be left on the surface for an extended amount of time. These food items can etch the stone and leave unsightly marks on the surface. A small amount of warm water with a PH-balanced dishwashing liquid will clean the surface without leaving any streaks. In order to further protect your work surface and avoid leaving marks and scratches, refrain from hauling cooking appliances (such as pots, pans, or other appliances) across the worktop. Even the smallest of scratches will allow stains to blemish an otherwise magnificent surface. A penetrating sealant should be applied once a year and regular polishing will keep the finish gleaming. Granite is a beautiful stone and adds colour and warmth to any kitchen – and with a little care granite worktops will last a lifetime. If you have... read more