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5 Critical Factors Before Starting An Interior Design Project

A comprehensive plan is essential for any interior design project to be successful. An established and credible stonemason must be able to partner with you to create the ideal design that will both suit the client’s desires and needs – and also something that matches your project’s budget. After working with both designers and private clients extensively over the past few years, we have compiled a list of questions that we have found essential to our work process and hope that they will also assist you during your next interior design project. 1. How much are you willing to spend? Consult with the client and establish just how much they would be willing to spend on their interior design project and to achieve their desired result. This way you can be sure that the client, interior designer, and stonemason will have a clear direction on how to advance the project without any reservation, and you will have a good idea of the restrictions when drawing up plans and selecting the right materials. After you have established a strategy for the project, try to present your client with an estimate of both the cost and the amount of time it will take. 2. How much time are they willing to devote? You need to consider what their personal needs are and if they will be able to work around the necessary construction related to your interior design project. By consulting with an experienced stonemason you will have an accurate description of how long the project will take – by providing a timeline that you and your client can plan around.... read more

Stewkley Stone Wins Material Mastery Award

Simon Taylor Furniture and its sister company, Stewkley Stone, have scooped a coveted industry award – the Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine’s ‘Material Mastery Award’. The prestigious event was supported by over 30 of the combined sectors leading brands and was presented by television personality Melissa Porter – best known for her BBC programmes ‘To Buy or Not to Buy’ and ‘Escape to the Country’. The award recognises highly skilled craftsmanship and was awarded to the two businesses for their work with Caesarstone’s stunning ‘Motivo’ quartz in Crocodile. From the beginning of the project, Stewkley’s co-owner and master stone mason, Steven Reeves and Simon Taylor, founder of Simon Taylor Furniture, knew that in order for the unique beauty of the Motivo Crocodile surface to be shown off to best effect, the cabinet’s design must be simple and contemporary, yet perfectly executed. They also understood that for the quartz’s unique ‘crocodile skin’ appearance to be highlighted, a considerable run of the material would be required. As a result, the finished cabinet measured over 2 metres in length, with the sheer, flush expanse of its side panels and top surface providing the perfect showcase for Motivo Crocodile’s wow-factor aesthetic. The cabinet also called for the skills and mastery that can perhaps only come from a second-generation stonemason. Whilst the Motivo Crocodile surface is like no other, its highly realistic texture means not even the tiniest fabrication imperfection can be afforded. It was a complex project and Reeves and Taylor painstakingly ensured that every millimetre of the cabinet was crafted to exact standards. Corners and closures were precision tooled and finished and... read more